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1 Three models of Yesteryear die cast and three further models

2 A Question of Scruples game and a Star Encounters Zodiac puzzle

3 A mixed lot of soft toys

4 Two black albums containing Disney and other cards

5 A tray containing Lego

6 A mixed lot of soft toys

7 Two china headed dolls

8 A collection of Sindy accessories including camping buggy with fold away tent, wardrobe, unit, sink unit, toilet and rocker

9 A mixed lot of toys

10 A mixed lot of toys

11 A Thomas the Tank engine train and further toys

12 Two china headed dolls

13 A Hornby train various rolling stock etc

14 A collection of old Meccano

15 "A tail-less donkey" game

16 A Corgi original omnibus die cast coach and further die cast

17 A mixed lot of toys

18 A Dinky toys farm trailer and further farm machinery toys

19 A mixed lot of toys

20 A Matchbox collectors mini case containing die cast

21 A collection of rolling stock and passenger coaches

22 Two "Route Map" table covers and motorcyle toys

23 A collection of linen pennants

24 An old teddy bear, a further soft toy and a doll

25 Two old dolls

26 A Rosewood doll

27 Two dolls, one dressed in pink one in mauve

28 Two dolls one dressed in white the other rose petal and white

29 A part pond yacht and further wooden ship for restoration

30 A china headed doll and a further doll

31 A Lima models locomotive and a colletion of power controllers

32 A collection of rolling stock and passenger coaches

33 An Ade model kit

34 A box containing one volume Great Victorian railways, and further coloured prints and signs

35 A mixed lot of toys

36 A Dinky toys double decker bus, lorries and further toys

37 A Corgi original omnibus die cast model and further models - mostly coaches

38 A collection of models - mostly buses

39 A mixed lot of toys

40 A Dinky super toys 20 ton lorry mounted crane and other toys

41 A Burago model of a open topped tourer and further toys

42 A Corgi Bedford O B coach and further die cast of buses together with a video "The best of buses and coaches"

43 Three plastic models - double decker buses, London transport etc

44 Two dekker toys Noddy cars

45 Two dolls and a further toy

46 A collection of soft toys

47 Three Rupert figures

48 A William Lindop Limited table bowls game

49 Six David Winter and other figures

50 Six Lilliput lane and other figures

51 A Matchbox models of Yesteryear "Her Majesty the Queens 40th Anniversary state coach"

52 A Dinky die cast model set - Series 1 Sports Cars

53 Six Matchbox collectables die cast

54 Four Matchbox die cast - MB38, MB44, MB47 and MB73

55 A Corgi die cast model - Eddie Stobart Ltd and a Lledo die cast model - Colemans Mustard

56 Two exclusive First Editions 1/76 scale double decker buses

57 Five Corgi classics die cast models - Bedford OB coaches

58 A Corgi die cast model - London Transport route master bus and further models

59 A mixed lot of die cast

60 A collection of Days Gone and other die cast models - boxed

61 A Subbuteo table soccer club edition

62 Five 1/43 die cast models all tractors

63 A box cigarette cards including Players, Wills etc

64 Two Atlas 1/76 "Carters" foden generator and low loader

65 A Britains big farm 1-16 scale Kverneland plough

66 A similar lot

67 A Britains big farm 1/16 Land Rover defender

68 Two Atlas 1/76 Burlingham seagull coach - Whittle & Sons

69 Eight 1/72 Farmer-car die cast metal farm models

70 An Atlas World of Stobart 1/76 Doosan Daeoow and komatsu excavator

71 A similar lot

72 A large collection of DVD's referring to Railways and Steam etc

73 A 12 DVD collectors edition - The Worlds Greatest Railway Journeys Europe

74 A 10 DVD Limited Edition set - The Definitive Steam collection

75 Two 8 DVD collectors editions - North and South America, Canda and Australia

76 A box containing DVD's referring to trains and steam

77 A Revell 1/18 die cast model BMW Jsetta

78 A Dingbats game, a Connect 4 game and an Easy Money game

79 Seven Lilliput Lane models

80 A Subutteo test match cricket game

81 A Days Gone three part die cast model set and two Oxford die cast

82 A mixed collection collection of Lledo and Promotors die cast models

83 A Danbury Mint Elizabeth doll by Jeanne Singer

84 A collection of magicians accessories including vanishing bottle, sword, plastic cards etc

85 A collection of OO gauge track and rolling stock

86 A collection of dolls nursery rhyme teaware

87 A clock work Hornby train gauge 0 M1 goods set. With box

88 A small collection of painted metal figures and horses

89 A die cast metal military ambulance with figures

90 A collection of British made lead farm animals, horses etc

91 A collection of Dinky toys military vehicles

92 A Limited Edition collectors bear by the Cotswold Bear Company being named Bandit No 13 of 100

93 A similar lot being named Totem No 22 of 100

94 A china headed boy doll dressed in blue overalls with passport

95 An old Boots chest containing 00 gauge railway track, two passenger controllers and various rolling stock

96 Five small frames containing black and white prints - early steam and motor vehicles

97 A frame containing a black and white print - The Trip to Jerusalem, Nottingham

98 A small frame containing a black and white print - Gotthard railways - Switzerland

99 A collection of Star Trek and Doctor Who posters

100 A collection of stamp reference books etc including Stanley Gibbons

101 A mixed lot of toys

102 A Triang P6 power controller with track

103 An Oxford die cast model and further promotional vehicles

104 A mixed lot of toys

105 A collection of Aviation toys etc

106 A mixed lot of toys

107 Two die cast models London buses and further toys

108 A collection of Action Man figures

109 Two models of caravans and further toys

110 A Traing Minie motorways toy

111 A collection of plastic model kits

112 A Britains model riding school

113 A Fun Time tea time china tea set

114 A miscellaneous collection of 00 gauge track etc

115 A blue plastic coated three tier display rack

116 A mixed collection of Lego

117 A similar lot

118 A similar lot

119 A red box containing Lego

120 A blue bin containing Lego

121 Three boxes containing Lego "Bionicle" figures

122 A mixed collection of childrens books

123 A mixed collection of toys

124 A toy guitar

125 A toy football table game and other toys

126 A Tiger toy "Scampi my playful pup"

127 A Shaun the sheep toy

128 A pair of boxing gloves, shields and other toys

129 A mixed lot of toys

130 A mixed lot of toys

131 A plastic figure - Stig and others

132 An MB toy - Wild adventure mini golf

133 The magic box game and the megga magix show game

134 A Graphix spira graph set and a Hungry Hippo game

135 A XTR monster bolder model

136 A plastic toy keyboard, guitar etc

137 A St Michael magazine "Modern combat aircraft"

138 a BI super action TD - 2012 toy

139 A large collection of Rupert annuals from the 1970's and 1980's

140 A collection of Blue Peter TV annuals

141 A Noahs Ark floor puzzle, a Hungry Hippo game and other toys

142 A Megga Bloks dragons game

143 A Revell Ferrari 1/24 race game

144 Two framed football photographs

145 A large quantity of soft toys

146 A toy articulated petrol tanker

147 An interactive learning pad and other games

148 A cordless USB keyboard and mouse kit by Dynamode

149 A collection of game controllers

150 A collection of skittles and other toys

151 A mixed lot of toys

152 A mixed lot of childrens video games etc

153 A collection of Matchattax card game binders

154 A mixed lot of toys

155 A Thomas the Tank engine and friends train set and other toys

156 A dolls house with pink painted front elevations, grey roof with a large collection of dolls house furniture

157 A painted dolls house with a selection of dolls house furniture

158 A dolls house

159 A Waddington world map jigsaw with other games

160 Two childrens tennis rackets

161 The Dandy book 1989 and further childrens annuals

162 An NB super Simon game and further games

163 A small quantity of jugglers equipment

164 A Spillers "Mothers Pride" graded grains make finer flour figure complete with rolling pin

165 A Scaletrix 600 four lane game

166 An Airfix motor racing MT 125 game

167 A collection of Scaletrix track and accessories

168 An Airfix motor racing model MR185 game

169 A Scaletrix model motor racing game

170 A similar lot

171 A Scaletrix night stages motor racing game

172 A Scaletrix Grand Prix racing game

173 A Subutteo World Cup with accessories

174 A Horny 00 Royal Mail set with other coaches

175 A mixed lot of railway 00 gauge track, wagons etc

176 A Britains toy Ford 6600 tractor and tipping trailer

177 A Mamod model of a steam engine

178 A painted tin plate toy sailing ship marked BW Germany

179 A Dinky toys 254 Austin taxi boxed

180 Three Matchbox series models

181 A Dinky super toys 956 turn table fire escape engine

182 A Dinky toys 14C Coventry climax fork lift truck - boxed

183 A Corgi toys 453 "Walls" refrigerator van with box

184 Three small frames containing aviation badges

185 An Atlas Dinky toys 197 Morris traveller and further toys

186 A Star Wars collectable figure

187 A collection of motor rally badges

188 A Britains special collectors edition The Royal marines light infantry set

189 A Rosebut kit master model

190 Two Classico die cast models

191 A Britains 1/32 scale die cast model Transit medium roof van

192 A Hornby smokey jo tank engine

193 An Airfix -00 prairy tank model

194 A Scaletrix road railer kit

195 A small painted box and various Wade whimseys

196 A china dolls head marked AM Germany 331/8K

197 A Triang Hornby locomotive, further Triang track and rolling stock

198 A Border Fine Art Peter Rabbit rocking money box

199 A red plastic toy racing car

200 A blue painted tin plate toy pedal car

201 A mixed lot of toys

202 A doll and further toys

203 A Disney controller

204 A collection of childrens DVD's etc

205 A mixed lot of toys

206 A Scrabble game and further childrens books

207 A mixed lot of toys

208 Two boxes containing Lego toys and equipment

209 A Spiderman case with further books and toys

210 A toy sink unit, hot point washing machine and electric cooker

211 A mixed lot of childrens books

212 A Dora the explorer interactive skittle game



Friday prior 2.00 pm - 4.00 pm

Morning of sale from 9.00 am





Sale in our Northgate Auction Rooms of mid/late 20th century toys, trains, die-cast models, dolls and related juvenalia
Saturday 2nd June at 10.00a.m.



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