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SATURDAY 17TH JUNE 2017 AT 10.00A.M.

1 Two old teddy bears

2 A mixed lot of promotional die-cast vehicles

3 A mixed lot of die-cast

4 A mixed lot of die-cast promotional vehicles

5 A Matchbox Dinky 1967 Jaguar 'E' Type - boxed and further die-cast

6 A mixed lot of toys

7 A Models of Yesteryear 1930 Packard Victoria - boxed and other models

8 A mixed lot of toys

9 A mixed lot of toys

10 A Meccano crane constructions set - motorised

11 An MB Games Torpedo Run, The Submarine Attack Game - boxed

12 A mixed lot of toys

13 A Star Wars Episode 1 Anakin Sky Walker's Pod Racer

14 Six die-cast promotional vehicles and a fire engine

15 Two Burago scale models - Ferrari 641/2 and Bugatti Atlantic (1936)

16 A Burago die-cast metal model - Bugatti Grand Prix (1935)

17 A Burago die-cast metal model - Bugatti Type 59 (1934)

18 A Burago die-cast metal model - Lancia Aurelia B24 Spider (1955)

19 A Burago die-cast metal model - Mercedes Benz SSK (1928)

20 A Burago die-cast model - Lamborghini Diablo (1999)

21 A Sunnyside Limited 1/24 die-cast model - 1932 Ford V8 De Luxe 3-Window Coupe

22 A Sunnyside Limited 1/24 die-cast model - 1949 Ford Woody Wagon

23 Two Days Gone two die-cast model sets - Souvenir of London

24 A Corgi Classics die-cast model set - Eddie Stobart Limited

25 Six die-cast models

26 A tray containing six die-cast models

27 An Action Man helicopter, two Action Man guns and further Action Man equipment

28 Seven die-cast promotional vehicles

29 A Weetabix Special Edition die-cast model set

30 Four Weetabix die-cast models

31 Four NERF Rebell Mini Mischief packs

32 Three Fisher Price Count and Explorer T packs

33 Two Nerf Rebelle Secret Shot packs

34 Four Funskool Stacking Ring boxes, a pull along toy and a Fun Camera

35 28 'OO' gauge goods vehicles

36 A quantity of lineside buildings including passenger bridge

37 An OK Toys Kader Road Racing set - boxed

38 A Munroe tinplate football game - boxed

39 A display case containing 16 die-cast models

40 A Predator Ultimate Edition F2 Superfighter - boxed

41 A remote control helicopter - boxed

42 A remote control helicopter - boxed

43 A quantity of Scalextric magazines, a Scalextric car and further models

44 A mixed collection of die-cast models

45 A toy boat, a castle and figures

46 Two Dinky Toys Massey Harris tractors, a farm trailer, two farm buildings and various animals

47 A white painted pond yacht by Skipper Yachts

48 A bound volume "Meccano Magazine January 1934"

49 Two Vivid football carded figures and further figures

50 A mixed lot of TY figures

51 Five Lledo die-cast models - The Commonwealth Games Collection

52 A Dinky Toys Austin Van - Shell

53 A Dinky Toys Berliet Secours model and two further toys

54 A die-cast model - Morris Minor 1000 Traveller 1958

55 A Twister Dance game

56 Three Nerf Sling Strike games

57 A die-cast model - 1905 Busch Self-Propelled Fire Engine

58 An Anson 1/18 metal die-cast model - Porsche 911 Carrera 2

59 An Anson 1/18 metal die-cast model - Bugatti EB110

60 An ERTL 1/18 die-cast metal model - 1956 Austin Healey 100/Six

61 An ERTL 1/18 die-cast metal model - American Muscle Shelby Cobra 427 S/C

62 A Burago die-cast model - Ferrari 348 TB (1989)

63 A Burago die-cast model - Ferrari Testarossa (1984)

64 A Burago die-cast model - Porsche 356B Coupe (1961)

65 A Revell metal 1/18 die-cast model - Porsche 930 Turbo Slant Nose Conv.

66 A Revell die-cast model - Porsche 930 Turbo Slant Nose

67 A Maisto die-cast model - Porsche 911 Speedster (1989)

68 A large collection of picture card albums including Wildlife,Aviation,Motor Vehicles etc.

69 A quantity of Scalextric track, Scalextric equipment and two cars

70 A Scalextric Escort RS1600 car

71 A Scalextric Mini 1275 GT car

72 A Scalextric Lamborghini Diablo car

73 A collection of model aircraft and a clockwork toy figure of a monkey

74 A mixed lot of toys

75 An M-Y Soccer game

76 A box containing Junior Ready Steady Cook Starter Sets

77 A quantity of 'OO' gauge track, points and motors etc.

78 A tray of 'OO' gauge rolling stock, Hornby Dublo/Mainline

79 Two Hornby Class 90 Electric Locos plus spares

80 Two Hornby Railways 'OO' gauge Class 90 Electric Locos - boxed

81 Two Hornby Class 86 Electric Locos - boxed

82 A box containing 'OO' gauge line side kits, signals, tunnel mouths etc.

83 A quantity of 'OO' gauge loco parts and spares

84 A tray of 'OO' coach and wagon parts and spares

85 A quantity of six unused 'OO' gauge Peco Streamline points and crossings plus further Lonestar used track

86 A Kid Connection 1/24 die-cast model

87 A Star Wars Revenge of the Sith boxed figure and further Star Wars equipment

88 An 'OO' gauge 4-6-0 locomotive and tender

89 A mixed lot of toys

90 A Tri-ang tinplate toy 4-wheel lorry - Hi-way

91 A collection of 'O' gauge passenger coaches, various

92 A collection of 'OO' gauge railway accessories including platform and porters

93 An HM Duette transformer controller

94 A collection of 'OO' gauge goods vehicles

95 A collection of 'OO' gauge lineside buildings, a signal box/water tower and track

96 An Oxford die-cast model - Nottingham's Markets together with three further die-cast models

97 A Hornby Railways 'OO' gauge 4-1-1 locomotive with tender and passenger coach

98 Two 'OO' gauge models - Southern Railway and LMS Duchess of Sutherland

99 Two 'OO' gauge Mainline Locomotives, one with tender, one with an LNER Mailcoach

100 A Lima 'OO' gauge 4-6-0 locomotive and tender

101 An 'OO' gauge model - Mallard, a further Flying Scotsman model and an LMS 4-6-0

102 A Hornby Railways 'OO' gauge dockyard diesel shunter R253 - boxed

103 A Hornby Railways 'OO' gauge LMS 4-6-0 Class 5 locomotive and tender - boxed

104 A Hor nby Railways LMS 4-4-0 Class 2P locomotive "579" - boxed

105 A Hornby Railways 'OO' gauge BR Class A4 Pacific steam locomotive and tender - Mallard

106 A Bachmann scale 1:76 locomotive and tender

107 A Hornby Railways BR Standard Class 7P6F Britannia locomotive and tender

108 A Hornby Railways 'OO' scale 4-6-2 steam locomotive and tender - Princess Victoria

109 A Hornby Railways 'OO' gauge BR Class 29 BO-BO diesel electric locomotive

110 An 'OO' gauge steam locomotive and tender in GWR livery

111 An 'OO' gauge locomotive and tender in black LMS livery

112 An 'OO' gauge steam locomotive and tender in black livery

113 An 'OO' gauge LMS shunter

114 An 'OO' gauge diesel locomotive

115 An 'OO' gauge diesel locomotive D7063

116 A Bachmann locomotive "C and O 8226 Chessie System

117 A Hornby Railways 'OO' gauge R229 Lucille Pullman car and three R213 GWR 4-wheel coaches

118 A Hornby Railways 'OO' gauge crane

119 Three Hornby Railways 'OO' gauge passenger coaches

120 A Hornby Railways 'OO' gauge R413 Operating LMS mail coach

121 An Airfix 'OO' gauge diesel locomotive

122 Two Royal Hampshire models - Mallard PT22 and Flying Scotsman together with a further model of The Flying Scotsman

123 A Lima 'OO' gauge diesel locomotive and eight various goods vehicles

124 Three small wooden frames each containing three Thelwell coloured humorous prints

125 A frame containing a collection of 50 Player's cigarette cards - Veteran Cars

126 Three Corgi Toys - 419 Ford Zephyr Motorway Patrol, 219 Plymouth Sports Surburban, and 409 Bedford AA van

127 Three Corgi Toys - 210S Citroen DS19, 230 Mercedes SE Coupe and 225 Austin Mini

128 Two Lima coaches, three further coaches and rolling stock

129 A quantity of 'N' scale American buildings and lineside accessories

130 A quantity of 'N' scale trees, foliage, paint and lineside accessory kits

131 Three Hornby LMS coaches, two BR coaches and a Little Giant 0-6-4 Steam Loco

132 Three Tri-ang Railways 'OO' gauge goods vehicles - Trans-continental R115 Caboose, R129 Refrigerator Car and R117 Tank Bogey

133 Two Trix Wagons - boxed

134 A quantity of Hornby and Fleischmann Catalogues

135 A collection of Railway Modelling books, track plans and further booklets

136 A model railway layout board approx. 6' x 2'6"

137 A Corgi Toys Aston Martin DB5 (007)

138 Four Maisto scale models - Vesper Scooters

139 Two puppets

140 A Rupert Annual

141 A Michael Owen Total Action Football Game

142 Three puppets/clowns, two being musical

143 A large collection of mixed Lego

144 A box containing assorted 'OO' gauge railway, lineside and other buildings

145 A Designoscope optical toy

146 A collection of Britain's plastic figures including a metal farm cart

147 Three Dinky Toys - two lorries and a racing car

148 An Atlas Dinky Toys fire engine

149 An Atlas Dinky Toys Heinz Van

150 A Dinky Toys 215 Ford GT racing car

151 An Atlas Dinky Toys 197 Morris Mini Traveller and a Dinky Toys set of road signs

152 A mixed lot containing lead and other figures

153 A Chad Valley polished wooden building bricks and a small collection of metal construction items

154 Three Dinky Toys - 157 Jaguar, Ford Sedan and a blue lorry

155 A small collection of Swarovski Classic Miniatures

156 A Hornby Railways Royal Doulton 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Collection -Time for a Change comprising the steam locomotive Regal Power GWR 4-6-0 King Henry VI King Class

157 A Corgi Eddie Stobart Limited Motorway Truck set comprising two artic. curtain siders, a short-wheel based lorry with close couple trailer

158 Seven various Hornby and Mainline goods vehicles

159 A collection of 'OO' gauge passenger coaches

160 A Hornby electric train set "Flying Scotsman" with a quantity of track

161 A box of children's books including Roy of the Rovers Annual 1962, The Victor Book for Boys, The Beano Book 1969 and others

162 A painted model of a canal barge

163 A maroon cigarette card album

164 Five John Player cigarette card albums "The Coronation of H.M. King George V and H.M. Queen Elizabeth 1937 and further albums including Military Uniforms etc.

165 Two albums "Tavern of the Seas" and four further albums

166 A Knockout Annual 1973, a Beano book 1979 and further children's annuals

167 A box containing foreign cigarette card albums

168 A mixed lot of toys

169 33 Days Gone promotional die-cast models

170 Three Lesney "Mo dels of Yesteryear", Y2 190 Renault, Y15 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost and Y16 Spyker Veteran Automobile

171 A Dinky Toys 421 Hindle Smart Helecs lorry

172 A Britain's farm cart, a Dinky Toys Royal Mail van and further Matchbox toys

173 A quantity of Warhammer figures and equipment

174 A quantity of Star Wars cards

175 A mixed lot of children's comics

176 A quantity of Star Wars "The Empire Strikes Back" comics and further Dr. Who dating from the early 1980s

177 A large box of X-Men comics

178 A box of 2000 A.D. comic "PROG 689/651" etc.

179 A quantity of 2000 A.D. comics "PROG.745/639" etc.

180 A quantity of 2000 A.D. comics "PROG 1014" etc.

181 A quantity of 2000 A.D. comics "PROG. 1012" etc.

182 A quantity of 2000 A.D. comics "PR. 923" etc.

183 A quantity of 2000 A.D. comics "PR. 588/555" ETC.

184 A quantity of 2000 A.D. comics "PROG. 537" etc.

185 A collection of Spider Man comics dating from June 1984 etc.

186 A child's Tri-ang scooter

187 A box of four various dolls

188 A box of four various dolls

189 A box of five various dolls

190 A pink and white painted doll's house

191 A quantity of 'OO' gauge railway track

192 A Hornby racing track with two cars and controllers

193 A further part racing track with cars and controllers

194 A BBC Top Gear Interactive DVD and book

195 A child's Gibson toy guitar

196 A part Tri-ang Toys tinplate crane

197 A large soft toy - a leopard and two further boxes containing approximately 25 various soft toys including teddy bears

198 A small wooden model of a 3-masted sailing vessel

199 A larger painted wooden model of a 3-masted sailing ship

200 A painted model of a coastguard launch in a display case

201 A larger painted model of a sailing vessel "Maasbank"

202 A painted wooden model of a single masted yacht (see front page illustration)

203 A child's half size Music Alley Junior Guitar

204 A child's part croquet set



Friday prior 2.00 pm - 5.00 pm

Morning of sale from 8.30 am









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