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1 Two oblong blue and white Willow Pattern meat plates

2 Six pairs of binoculars, all in leather cases

3 An army cap and two further caps

4 A part gunsight and leather belts

5 Two old copper lids

6 A quantity of Royal Albert "Old Country Roses" china tea ware

7 An eastern blue and white bowl. A.F.

8 An Imari saucer shaped bowl

9 An oval blue and white Willow Pattern plate

10 A small pewter teapot

11 A Duchesse bone china tea service "Spring"

12 A quantity of Royal Albert "Old Country Roses" china tea ware

13 A Parian china figure depicting boy and girl musicians

14 A decorative toilet jug

15 Two Cauldon china cups and saucers, a fruit bowl and a wall plate

16 A quantity of dolls china tea ware

17 A paraffin lamp with brass column, green glass bowl and glass chimney

18 A tall brown vase

19 Eight small stem wines

20 Six Maling custards

21 Six small china coffee cans in black and white

22 A small Mason's preserve jar and cover with stand

23 Seven Coronation beakers

24 A small Cauldon blue and white milk jug and four further pieces of blue and white

25 Two Lladro figures of eastern gentlemen

26 A steel and copper jelly mould

27 Two Mocha ware tankards and a milk jug

28 A W. Baker and Co., Ltd., "Woodland" oblong meat plate

29 A bevel plate glass wall mirror within a brass frame

30 A copper kettle

31 A brass and copper spirit kettle with burner

32 A circular glass hors d'oeuvre dish having silver plated base

33 A small Victorian domed caddy

34 A small Victorian workbox

35 A mahogany cased 8-day mantle clock

36 A presentation case containing drawing instruments

37 Three decorative china wall plates

38 Six decorative china wall plates

39 A quantity of china tea ware with floral decoration on a white ground with a blue border

40 A large oval blue and white meat plate, two vegetable tureens with covers and two sauce tureens with covers

41 Two circular glass plaques painted with birds in brass frames

42 A quantity of Noritake "Blue Hill" tea ware

43 Two glass decanters complete with stoppers

44 A pair of china figures of a man and woman. A.F.

45 A quantity of blue and white Wedgwood, a pair of small blue and white vases and a Wedgwood vase

46 A large Royal Winton goblet with floral decoration on a gilt ground

47 A tall glass vase

48 A small Doulton ewer shaped vase

49 A brown glass flask/jug

50 A small cranberry and clear glass shade

51 A small Doulton jug

52 Three coloured glass shades

53 Three pieces of glass ware comprising two vases and a container

54 Six engraved hock glasses

55 Six glass tumblers

56 Three small stamp albums and a collection of loose stamps

57 22 various cigarette card albums

58 A green folder containing leaves of cigarette cards

59 A brown folder containing leaves of early 20th century picture postcards

60 A blue postcard album containing cigarette cards

61 A blue cigarette card album

62 A "The Guardian" album containing cigarette cards

63 A maroon cigarette card album

64 A pink album containing First Day covers and further stamps

65 Two small framed silhouettes

66 A small mahogany cased mantle clock

67 A portfolio "Gould's Tropical Birds" - 18 prints by the Ariel Press and further unframed coloured prints

68 A maroon album and a collection of early 20th century picture postcards

69 An early 20th century picture postcard album

70 Two volumes "The Observer Book of Automobiles", a further volume "The Post Office at Nottingham" by A.W.G. Hall and further volumes

71 Eight various volumes of Punch

72 One volume "The History and Antiquities of the Town of Newark" by William Dickinson

73 One volume "The Life of the Bee" and three further books

74 A metal case containing chemist's bottles and further cabinets

75 A Losol ware "Athole" toilet jug

76 An EPBM teapot

77 A brass model of an aeroplane

78 Three glass decanters complete with stoppers

79 A heavy glass bowl and jug

80 A heavy glass vase of diamond shape

81 A quantity of china tea ware with a transfer print of Stately Homes in black on a white ground

82 A large heavy glass vase

83 A circular copper tray and a silver plated syringe by H. Bailey and Son, London

84 A Royal Doulton wall plate "Famous Ships, The Victory"

85 A pair of Staffordshire dog hearth ornaments

86 A collection of blue and white china tea ware

87 A carved wooden fruit bowl

88 Two small brass photo frames mounted on a wooden shield

89 Two large Staffordshire dog hearth ornaments

90 One red and white Staffordshire dog hearth ornament

91 A carved hardwood fruit bowl

92 A blue and white oblong meat plate

93 A quantity of "Indian Ornament" blue and white dinner ware comprising two large vegetable tureens, two sauce tureens and further

94 A wooden box, the lid depicting swallows in the form of books

95 A silver plated table centre

96 A large Lladro figure of three musicians "Sidewalk Serenade" - 5388 by Salvador Furio with shaped base

97 A paraffin lamp with cranberry glass shade and clear glass chimney, together with a wall bracket

98 Two pairs of field glasses

99 Two twin branch wall light fitments

100 A circular copper mould

101 Three glass decanters complete with stoppers

102 A Victorian pink and clear glass epergne

103 Six earthenware jelly moulds

104 A pair of Victorian steel handcuffs and a large steel key

105 A pair of French military binoculars in leather case

106 A collection of early photographs and cigarette cards

107 A box of old golf balls and a cricket ball

108 A New Chart of the British Isles 1916 and a Vancouver Island map

109 Three framed pomade pot lids

110 A small frame containing a Stevensgraph entitled "The Death"

111 A presentation case containing an Armstrong flute

112 A presentation case containing an Embassy flute

113 A presentation case containing a clarinet

114 A brass carriage clock

115 A large circular copper pan with brass handles

116 A silver plated swing handle cake basket and a silver plated tray

117 An oval silver plated fruit bowl and a further oval silver plated dish

118 Two Carnival glass bowls

119 A wooden model of a 4-masted sailing ship

120 A large oval silver plated tray and two oblong silver plated vegetable tureens and covers

121 A decorative jug and bowl

122 A collection of china tea ware with floral decoration on a white ground

123 A collection of Aynsley china tea ware with gilt decoration on a dark blue ground

124 A ewer shaped Doulton jug

125 A Staffordshire figure of Shakespeare

126 A small circular brass cased aneroid barometer by T.A. Reynolds. Son and Wardale Ltd of London EC1

127 A large oak cased mantle clock with 8-day movement and Roman Numeral dial

128 Four small eastern metal figures

129 A blue and white Asiatic Pheasant meat plate

130 A Blow butter churn 4/40

131 A stone jar - J. and W. D. Stone, Wine and Spirit Merchant, Tuxford - 5458, together with a stone ware hot water bottle

132 A small cranberry and clear glass bottle and stopper and three smaller glass bottles

133 Four Royal Doulton china figures "Pretty Ladies, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter"

134 Six china figures - four horses and two dogs

135 One volume "An Account of the Donations to the Parish of Newark-upon-Trent in the County of Nottingham by a Parishioner" (Printed for the Ufe of the Parishioners MDCCXLVIII)

136 Two small Mauchline containers enclosing a drinking glass and a match container

137 Three small white china jelly moulds

138 10 Beswick figures from the Thelwell Collection

139 A Beswick ware 3-piece Cottage tea service

140 A red and white Haddon Hall coffee pot

141 One volume "The New Testament"

142 A leather-bound unused Ferrari Diary for 1982

143 A pair of Limited Edition Moorcroft vases decorated with roses on a green ground - No. 292/500, one A.F.

144 A Moorcroft vase with cornflower decoration

145 A Moorcroft vase with decoration on a blue ground

146 A small Moorcroft vase with decoration on a dark blue ground

147 Two stamp albums and a box of loose U.K. stamps

148 Two stamp albums and a box of loose U.K. stamps

149 A small china teapot commemorating The Coronation of George V 1911 together with a glass Coronation dish commemorating George VI 1937

150 A Limoge trinket box on shaped feet

151 Two brass wall plaques, a brass letter rack and a further collection of brass ware

152 A Mauchline ware needlecase

153 A silver plated berry spoon and a collection of penknives, fruit knives and old keys

154 Two pairs of brass candlesticks

155 A brass stick telephone

156 A silver plated syphon holder

157 A silver plated roll-over bacon dish engraved with initials H.E.W.

158 A glass claret jug with silver plated mounts

159 A collection of oval silver plated vegetable tureens with covers

160 A silver plated oblong tray, a silver plated toast rack, bowl and candlestick

161 A small brass "lantern" clock

162 A collection of cufflinks and badges

163 A collection of old currency and old banknotes

164 A collection of medals and medallions

165 A collection of commemorative teaspoons, a buckle and a metal plaque

166 An oval silver plated cover

167 A cutlery canteen and a collection of silver plated cutlery

168 A collection of silver plated cutlery

169 A collection of silver plated cutlery

170 A quantity of silver plated cutlery

171 A 4-piece silver plated tea service and a sugar sifter

172 A small jewellery box and the jewellery contents

173 A yellow metal watch chain

174 A 3-piece silver tea service

175 A small silver bowl

176 A pair of silver candlesticks and a dwarf silver candlestick

177 Eight silver teaspoons

178 A silver berry spoon and three pairs of silver sugar bows

179 A sterling silver bowl and a silver serviette ring

180 A silver plated bowl, a silver plated tea strainer and two silver plated trays

181 A presentation case containing cake knives

182 A bachelor's 3-piece silver tea service

183 A small silver plated commemorative trowel and two further pieces of silver plate

184 Three ladies chain metal evening purses

185 A collection of silver handled buttonhooks and shoehorns

186 A 3-piece silver and tortoiseshell dressing table set

187 Three various wristwatches

188 A pair of sterling silver cufflinks and two sterling silver brooches

189 A large silver plated pocket watch by Drew and Company, London

190 A yellow metal watch chain with spinning fob

191 A pair of ear pendants

192 A lady's gold dress ring

193 A lady's .925 dress ring set with a red stone

194 A lady's .925 dress ring set with a pink stone

195 A lady's .925 pendant set with blue stones

196 A pair of lady's .925 circular earrings

197 A pair of lady's .925 triple drop red gem stone set earrings

198 A lady's .925 bracelet with lilac gem set stones

199 A gilt bar brooch set with stones

200 A collection of Old World postage stamps

201 A pearl set gold ring marked 14

202 A 9ct gold ring set with 10 diamonds

203 A white gold diamond cluster ring

204 An opal pendant set in gold with a gold chain

205 A gold compass on an old chain

206 A pocket watch

207 A Marquis style gem set ring

208 A jade set ring

209 A gold ring set with five diamonds

210 An 18ct 5-stone diamond ring

211 A 3-stone diamond ring

212 A 15ct pearl and diamond ring

213 An 18ct amethyst pendant and chain

214 A gold chain marked 9ct hung with faceted beads

215 A 9ct and pearl pendant on gold chain

216 A Mystic topaz and diamond gold ring

217 A diamond solitaire ring

218 An antique pendant on a 9ct chain

219 An 18ct gold Zenith wristwatch, engraved on reverse "Zeneca Limited Presented to Michael R. Woolley for 30 Years Service 1969-1999"

220 A circular silver cover

221 A glass scent bottle

222 A glass sugar sifter with silver cover

223 A 3-drawer cutlery canteen and the silver plated cutlery contents

224 Six bean silver coffee spoons and six further coffee spoons

225 A silver tablespoon and a serviette ring

226 A small oval framed miniature

227 A frame containing a set of 50 cigarette cards - Wildlife

228 A frame containing a coloured print "Pickwick Papers, Mr Stiggins, Mrs Bardell and Mr Weller Senior"

229 A Hogarth framed coloured engraving of Wentworth House, Yorkshire

230 A Hogarth frame containing a coloured engraving "A Battle Scene in Paris"

231 A Hogarth framed coloured print "A Highland Ferry"

232 A frame containing a coloured print of a sailing vessel "H.M.S. Iris"

233 A frame containing a needlework picture "The Lord's Prayer"

234 A small oak frame containing four small "Cries of London" prints

235 A small frame containing a study of a lane through a rural landscape

236 A frame containing a watercolour of a stream through a village landscape - indistinctly signed

237 Three gilt framed "Cries of London" coloured prints

238 Four gilt framed black and white prints, all of London street scenes

239 A frame containing a watercolour of a farmstead indistinctly signed

240 Four gilt frames containing coloured prints - sailing vessels

241 A pair of gilt frames containing coloured prints of birds - Porzana Maruetta and Charadrius Pluvialis

242 A gilt frame containing a coloured print of butterflies

243 An unframed coloured print of birds - Andigena Laminirostris

244 A gilt framed oil painting by H. Hadfield Cubley of highland cattle inscribed on reverse "In Glencoe"

245 A large watercolour of a rural landscape depicting deer in the foreground

246 A gilt frame containing a watercolour of a river landscape

247 An oval gilt framed study of a girl in a pink and white dress indistinctly signed

248 An oak frame containing a needlework sampler

249 A large ornate gilt framed study of a couple with a basket of grapes

250 A large ornate gilt frame of two boys eating grapes

251 A pair of gilt wood wall mirrors

252 A pair of framed paintings - Parisian scenes

253 An oak frame containing a coloured print of a soldier - A Gentleman in Kharki

254 A collection of unframed black and white and coloured prints

255 An antique mahogany banjo barometer and thermometer

256 A rosewood cased banjo barometer and thermometer

257 An early 20th century barley twist oak banjo barometer and thermometer

258 A brass smoker's stand with circular centre tray

259 A leather suitcase

260 A copper helmet shaped coal bucket

261 A brown stone ware barrel

262 A large stone ware wine flagon with impressed mark Powell

263 A circular mahogany framed upholstered footstool

264 A white painted wooden stick stand with metal tray

265 An Edwardian occasional table with shaped supports and undershelf

266 A pair of brass candlesticks with glass shades

267 An antique circular tripod table

268 A late Victorian oak Davenport with lift-up writing slope, four drawers and dummy drawers to either side

269 An oak side table having one long drawer and turned supports

270 A late Victorian mahogany kneehole desk with inset brown leather top, one centre drawer, a further small drawer and single door cupboard either side of kneehole

271 A late Victorian 8-day wall clock

272 A Victorian 8-day Vienna wall clock

273 A Victorian towel rail

274 An oak table having square top and heavily carved supports

275 A mahogany framed dressing table mirror

276 An oval gilt framed bevel plate glass wall mirror

277 A mahogany framed dressing table mirror

278 A late Victorian over mantle mirror

279 A Victorian mahogany drop-leaf table

280 An occasional mahogany oblong tray/table with brass handles

281 A late Victorian mahogany hanging wall cupboard

282 A fold-over mahogany tea table

283 A Victorian Duchesse dressing table

284 A painted double door bookcase with interior shelving and cupboard below

285 A mahogany drop-leaf table on single pedestal support terminating in claw feet

286 An early 20th century oak cased 3-weight longcase clock by Enfield

287 An antique oak longcase clock with square white painted enamel dial - for restoration

288 A reproduction longcase clock

289 A small reproduction oak corner cupboard having two doors revealing interior shelving

290 A Victorian inlaid walnut oval snap-top table having quadruple column support

291 A late Victorian dressing table with centre mirror back being supported by two small drawers either side, further drawers to either pedestal, together with a matching marble top wash stand with tile back and a chamber cupboard

292 A Victorian walnut open bookcase with interior shelving

293 A set of open mahogany wall shelves in three heights

294 A reproduction oak dining room suite comprising dresser, the top having glazed doors either side of centre door, the base having three small drawers and three single door cupboards, together with oblong refectory dining table and a set of six (two arm and four single) dining chairs

295 A reproduction oak drop-leaf occasional table with undershelf

296 An antique oak bureau, the fall front revealing fitted interior over four long graduated drawers

297 A small mahogany chest of two short and three long drawers with brass handles

298 An upright piano by Estey

299 A mahogany corner cupboard

300 A Victorian mahogany bow front chest of two short and three long graduated drawers

301 An upright piano

302 An oak linen coffer

303 A Victorian bow front mahogany chest of two short and three long graduated drawers

304 A light oak plan chest of six drawers

305 An antique oak corner cupboard with double doors

306 A small mahogany folding screen

307 Two octagonal marble tops with inlay. One A.F.

308 A cast iron oblong street sign - Towning Row

309 A smaller cast iron street sign - Stralau St.

310 A cast iron street sign - Maidstone Place

311 An oblong cast iron street sign - Stanley Road

312 A cast iron oblong street sign - Goliath Road

313 A cast iron oblong street sign - Derby Road

314 Two oblong metal street signs - Albany Road and Charles Street

315 Two Victorian steadle stones

316 A large Victorian sandstone trough

317 A Victorian pump trough

318 A carved stone head

319 A Victorian office table with inset top over two small drawers on turned supports

320 A Victorian mahogany fold-over tea table

321 An antique mahogany circular topped tripod table

322 An oak barley twist oval gateleg table

323 A large oak barley twist gateleg table

324 An extending mahogany dining table with extra leaves on spiral twist legs

325 A mahogany 3-fold dressing table mirror

326 A Victorian mahogany Pembroke table

327 Four Victorian mahogany balloon back dining chairs with upholstered seats

328 A pair of early Victorian mahogany sabre leg dining chairs

329 A pair of early Victorian mahogany framed sabre leg dining chairs with uphostered seats

330 A heavily carved oak high back hall chair

331 A carved oak high back chair with upholstered seat and part back

332 Five ladder back rush seat dining chairs

333 A Victorian open armchair upholstered in green with button back

334 A mahogany framed nursing chair upholstered in maroon

335 A set of six (one arm and five single) dining chairs with upholstered seats and Bergere style backs

336 An ash Windsor armchair

337 Seven mahogany framed dining chairs (one arm and six single) with upholstered seats

338 An antique mahogany carver chair

339 A set of four Victorian walnut framed balloon back dining chairs on cabriole legs with upholstered seats

340 A set of six Victorian mahogany framed balloon back dining chairs with upholstered seats

341 A late Victorian piano stool with upholstered seat



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