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1 A quantity of Royal Albert "Old Country Roses" tea ware

2 A quantity of Eggshell china tea ware

3 A china teapot with black decoration on a white ground

4 A quantity of Royal Doulton "Andover" china tea ware

5 A Royal Albert "Country Bakeware" tureen and cover

6 A quantity of Royal Albert "Old Country Roses" dinner plates, bowls, gravy boat and stand

7 An Edinburgh crystal glass bowl

8 A quantity of Paragon "Belinda" china tea ware

9 A quantity of Royal Albert "Lavender Grove" china tea ware

10 A Royal Albert "Old Country Roses" china coffee service

11 A Royal Albert "Old Country Roses" teapot together with a cake plate and further Royal Windsor bone china tea ware

12 A Minton Solano ware fruit bowl

13 A Royal Crown Derby cream jug and sugar bowl, a preserve jar and a china milk jug

14 A quantity of Wedgwood bone china tea ware with grey and gilt decoration on a white ground

15 An oblong rosewood 3-compartment tea caddy

16 A jug and bowl with floral gilt decoration on a white ground

17 A trio of Royal Doulton jugs

18 Two continental china figures

19 A large earthenware jug

20 A Mason's ironstone "Manchu" red and white fruit bowl

21 A Doulton Harvest jug

22 A small copper ale jug

23 A heavy glass bowl

24 A Victorian milk jug decorated with figures on a white ground

25 A cylindrical copper container with cover

26 Two white glass baskets

27 A pink lustre milk jug

28 A pink lustre milk jug

29 A 2-handled frog mug

30 A decorative "Peking" milk jug

31 A small blue and white jug with mask spout

32 A small inlaid mahogany mantle clock

33 A small china basket

34 An antique copper warming pan with a turned wooden handle

35 A large copper kettle

36 A paraffin lamp with circular base, brass bowl, engraved glass shade and chimney

37 A large decorative blue and white bowl and further bowls

38 Two small metal moneyboxes

39 Two Victorian brass paraffin lamp fitments

40 An oblong ironstone stand with orange and blue decoration on a white ground

41 A large oval footbath with floral decoration on a white ground

42 A Fielding's bowl and stand decorated with exotic bird and foliage

43 A Royal Doulton blue and white bowl

44 A Fielding's Deven ware jug with silver plated cover and four further pieces of china

45 A cast iron doorstop in the form of a horse

46 A small 2-compartment letter rack

47 A salad bowl with drainer and a decorative china plate

48 A small oblong hardwood box

49 A circular hardwood bowl

50 A small iron bound barrel

51 A decorative toilet jug

52 A pair of Spelter "Marley" horses

53 A Langley ware jardiniere with decoration in blue

54 A metal photograph frame

55 Four brass candlesticks

56 A pair of brass candlesticks

57 A pair of brass wall candle lights bearing the plaque G.W.R.

58 An Art Deco style figure with coloured glass wings outstretched

59 An Art Deco style figure/table light of a lady supporting two cherubs

60 A copper jug

61 A baby's glass bottle and a Pharmal Breast Reliever

62 A Victory stamp album

63 Two native figures/sticks

64 A circular spring balance scale

65 An oak cased 8-day Westminster chiming mantle clock

66 An oak cased 8-day Westminster chiming mantle clock

67 A tall decorative red and clear glass vase

68 A late Victorian travelling writing box

69 A Victorian brass bound travelling writing box

70 A late Victorian rosewood writing box with Mother of Pearl inlay

71 A Victorian 2-compartment caddy

72 An oak writing box - for restoration

73 A painted enamel double sided sign advertising Lyons Tea Sold Here

74 A decorative milk jug

75 A brown earthenware teapot

76 A Beswick ware toby jug - Tony Weller

77 A green Coronation Cup - Coronation May 12th 1937 King Edward VIII

78 A Lladro figure of a boy and a dog

79 A continental china vase and cover

80 A glass decanter with stopper

81 A brown Doulton harvest jug with silver mounts

82 A Lladro figure of a boy

83 A large stem wine glass

84 A square glass decanter with stopper

85 Six glass tumblers

86 Six hock glasses

87 19 various stem wine glasses and others

88 A Copeland Spode jug with decoration on a green ground

89 A collection of Noritake china tea ware with gilt decoration on a white ground

90 A brass and steel coffee grinder

91 A Wedgwood leaf pattern plate and further decorative plates including a cake stand

92 A Wood and Sons Sheraton bowl

93 A Bursley ware fruit bowl

94 A pair of Wood and Sons Kioto vases

95 A tall Wood and Sons Sheraton vase

96 A large heavy glass bowl

97 A part cranberry glass epergne

98 A leather case containing regalia

99 A semi-china blue and white oblong meat plate

100 Two Willow Pattern oblong meat plates

101 A large blue and white oval meat plate with well and a further "Genevese" blue and white plate

102 A large blue and white Willow Pattern bowl and a circular blue and white plate

103 A Smith Sectric wall clock in bakelite surround

104 A brass fire shovel, a pair of brass fire tongs and a pair of steel fire tongs

105 A maroon picture postcard album and a further maroon album

106 One volume "Newark Parish Church of St. Mary Magdalene" by Brenda M. Pask being No. 247 of a Limited Edition of 1000

107 One volume "Silver, Pewter and Sheffield Plate" by F. W. Burgess and two further reference books

108 An early 20th century picture postcard album

109 A glass decanter with stopper, a glass bowl and a glass vase

110 A pair of Spelter figures of a man and a woman, the man carrying tools, the woman carrying a basket

111 A brass cased 8-day mantle clock

112 A large collection of loose cigarette cards, albums, etc.

113 A miscellaneous collection of stamps including an album

114 Two early 20th century cigarette card albums

115 An Art Deco style figure of an athlete

116 A large blue and white Willow Pattern plate

117 A large 2-handled frog mug

118 An early 20th century picture postcard album

119 A mixed collection of 45 pieces of stem glass ware including wines, sundaes, etc.

120 A Spelter figure of two men, one sat at a table

121 A glass claret decanter with plated mounts

122 A paraffin lamp having Corinthian column, brass bowl, chimney and engraved shade

123 Two large Staffordshire white dog hearth ornaments

124 An Art Nouveau copper jardiniere

125 A copper jardiniere

126 An oblong brass trivet, a brass bowl and a brass iron stand

127 A Victorian copper kettle

128 A brass chestnut roaster, a brass skimmer, a brass ladle and a brass toasting fork

129 An oblong brass planter together with a Schweppes copper ashtray and four brass weights

130 A copper quart tankard and a copper container and cover

131 Two copper containers bearing the label Guernsey

132 Three copper lanterns "Port", "Starboard" and "Port"

133 A large copper lantern "Anchor Lantern"

134 A large brass preserving pan

135 An Art Nouveau brass and copper coal box with brass handles

136 A collection of loose picture postcards

137 A collection of Burleigh ware dinner ware with gilt and red border decoration on a white ground

138 A Royal Mail stamp album

139 One volume "The Badminton Library - Fishing"

140 A brass call bell on a wrought iron frame

141 An early 20th century picture postcard album

142 A black and white photograph in a mirrored frame signed Rigassi, Paris

143 Two old teddy bears

144 A large green glass vase, a blue glass vase and one further piece of glass

145 Two brass framed oval miniatures

146 A glass scent bottle with silver collar

147 A pair of glass candlesticks

148 An early film projector - cased

149 A box file containing a mixed collection of First Day Covers, stamps, etc.

150 A Tiffany style table light

151 A large quantity of pre-decimal copper halfpennies and pennies

152 A part set of postal scales and weights

153 Two small Staffordshire dog ornaments

154 An eastern style vase

155 A collection of nine Hummell figures mostly musicians

156 Four Beswick figures of mice

157 A Beswick china figure of a palomino pony and three further Beswick figures

158 A small quantity of costume jewellery

159 Four small mosaic "brooches"

160 A collection of watches including a Waltham pocket watch

161 A small collection of coins

162 Five small pill boxes

163 A 9ct gold bar brooch

164 A 9ct gold onyx ring

165 A white metal long guard

166 A collection of costume jewellery

167 A black Wedgwood style figure of a man holding a pitcher

168 A black framed oval miniature

169 Two W. H. Goss beakers

170 A soapstone figure

171 A large Worcester china bowl

172 A collection of armourial china

173 A collection of Kensitas silk cigarette cards and further postcards

174 One volume "Kelly's Directory of Newark", a further volume "White's 1844 Suffolk"

175 Two napkin rings and a collection of silver and other pencils

176 Two silver Vestas

177 Three silver plated circular trays, an oval entree dish with cover and a muffin dish and cover

178 A silver plated spirit kettle and stand

179 A pair of large silver plated twin branch candleabrum

180 Two oval silver plated meat covers

181 An oak cutlery canteen and the silver plated cutlery contents "The Retford Cabinet"

182 A silver plated spirit kettle and stand, a silver plated teapot, a silver plated hot water jug and further silver plate

183 A part Arthur Price of England cutlery canteen

184 A silver candlestick, a further part silver candlestick and a silver ladle - A.F.

185 A silver plated spirit flask and one other

186 A small silver twin branch candleabrum

187 A silver plated cruet having two glass bottles with covers and two mustards

188 A 2-bottle spirit tantalus with square glass decanters and two silver spirit labels "Whisky" and "Sherry"

189 Three silver plated galleried trays

190 A silver plated 4-piece tea service

191 A silver plated candlestick

192 A silver plated rose bowl

193 A silver plated 4-bottle cruet stand

194 A silver plated spoon warmer

195 A silver plated tureen and cover

196 A free standing oval dressing table mirror within a silver frame

197 An oval copper tray set with silver depicting a bird in flight bearing maker's name Harold Holmes on the reverse

198 Two native metal spear heads

199 A small leather bound volume "Nuovo Teatro Comico" dated 1737

200 A small wooden case containing Magic Lantern slides including Mickey Mouse

201 A ruby wishbone ring

202 A platinum and diamond solitaire ring

203 An 18ct 3-stone diamond gypsy ring

204 A 9ct garnet ring

205 An amethyst and white topaz ring

206 A quantity of costume jewellery

207 An 18ct 2-diamond ring

208 An amethyst and diamond ring

209 An 18ct 9-stone diamond ring

210 A coin ring

211 A quantity of costume jewellery

212 A 9ct 7-stone ring

213 An 18ct 5-stone diamond ring

214 A pearl and diamond ring marked 15ct

215 Nine silver spoons

216 A presentation case and a pair of fish servers and two other pieces of silver plate

217 A gold slave bangle. A.F.

218 A long guard chain

219 An 18ct 3-stone diamond ring

220 A pair of 9ct gold and emerald earrings

221 An oblong brush and further part brushes

222 A small yellow glass vase and further glass ornaments

223 A 1935 crown and further coins

224 A small brass telescope, two serviette rings, etc.

225 A lady's dress ring and a crucifix

226 A large Aynsley china bowl decorated with fruit and a smaller saucer shaped dish

227 A Lladro figure of a girl holding a lamb

228 A Royal Doulton figure - Images of Nature, Clearwater

229 A silver and white enamel floral brooch marked on reverse Sterling Denmark

230 A pair of white metal ear pendants

231 Two pairs of yellow metal earrings

232 A Pandora bracelet

233 A pair of yellow metal crescent shaped earrings marked 750A

234 A lady's oval pendant necklace, ear studs etc.

235 An 18ct gold cameo ring and a dress ring

236 A pair of continental silver ear pendants set with a blue stone marked on reverse GJ925S

237 A pair of continental silver ear pendants marked on reverse 925S Denmark

238 Two ladies bands marked .925

239 A blue album containing Statehood Quarters Collection Volume 1 of 2

240 A miscellaneous collection of Elizabeth II commemorative coins and further decimal presentation packs

241 A 9ct gold pocket watch chain and 9ct gold fob

242 A lady's 9ct gold necklet and one other

243 A pair of 9ct gold cufflinks, a further pair of cufflinks and further ear studs

244 A presentation pack containing a Montblanc cartridge pen - Hommage A Frederic Chopin

245 A leather presentation wallet containing a Montblanc pen and ballpoint pen

246 A presentation case containing a pair of silver sugar bows and six silver teaspoons

247 A lady's gold wristwatch

248 A collection of gold and other cufflinks

249 A lady's 3-stone ring

250 A 22ct wedding band

251 Five various wristwatches

252 A gent's pocket watch, a silver cased Vesta, a pair of continental silver cufflinks and a torch

253 A mixed lot of cap badges etc.

254 A pair of silver sugar bows

255 A glass scent bottle with silver mounts and a further glass vase with silver rim

256 A sterling silver spoon and pusher in presentation case and a set of six cake knives

257 A quantity of costume jewellery

258 A cutlery canteen and the silver plated contents and three further cases of cutlery

259 A presentation case containing a sandwich set and six gateau forks

260 One volume "The Annals of Newark-upon-Trent" by C. Brown The Special Edition Cornelius Brown

261 One volume "Amateur Gardening", a further volume "Cock Fighting and Game Fowl" and five bound volumes of "Punch" circa 1870

262 A green album containing early 20th century picture postcards and black and white photographs

263 One volume "Ogilby's Road Maps of England and Wales"

264 A framed coloured map of Nottinghamshire

265 A mahogany cased banjo barometer

266 A small gilt framed oil painting of a thatched cottage

267 A framed coloured Limited Edition print of an estuary scene by Jack Green, No. 128 of 500

268 A framed oil painting on canvas of an interior

269 A frame containing a Limited Edition coloured print "View in the South of France" by HRH The Prince of Wales being No. 25

270 Six framed black and white prints - The Colt Revolver and others

271 A large gilt framed still life oil painting of a vase of flowers by K. Tubisch

272 Two framed watercolours of river landscapes by M. B. Turner. 89

273 A frame containing a study of a young girl

274 A gilt frame containing a watercolour of The Hunt by Michael Crawley

275 A gilt frame containing a watercolour of golfers by Roger Corfe

276 A collection of Miller's Price Guides and further books referring to antiques

277 One volume "The Dictionary of Victorian Painters" by Christopher Wood and further reference books referring to art

278 A large framed coloured print of a canal scene

279 A gilt framed hall mirror

280 A Grimwades jug and bowl decorated with floral and green panels

281 A large gilt frame

282 A reproduction Tiffany style shade

283 A 2-branch chandelier light fitting with glass drops

284 A glass chandelier with candle bulbs

285 A brass column paraffin lamp

286 A brass column paraffin light converted for electricity

287 A mixed collection of small cane fishing rods

288 A mixed collection of riding crops

289 A folding 5-tier cake stand

290 A late Victorian black painted and brass metal coal box

291 A small oak occasional table with circular top

292 A small oak jardiniere stand

293 An early 20th century single door bedside cupboard

294 An oak bedside cupboard with small single door

295 A carved 3-tier cake stand

296 An Art Deco coppered firescreen

297 A small inlaid mahogany drop-leaf table

298 An oak gong stand with circular gong and striker

299 An Edwardian inlaid circular topped occasional table on square tapering legs terminating in spade feet

300 An antique oak and mahogany longcase clock with square white painted enamel dial and 30-hour movement

301 An inlaid mahogany kneehole desk having three drawers over two smaller drawers either side on square tapering legs terminating with castors

302 A Victorian chiffonier having Serpentine front, white marble top, one drawer and double doors below

303 An inlaid mahogany 3-door bookcase with interior shelving

304 A hardwood table in the oriental style

305 A large circular topped mahogany dining table

306 An antique mahogany oval drop-leaf dining table on pad feet

307 An inlaid mahogany chest of three drawers with brass drop handles

308 A late Victorian mirror back sideboard

309 A tall Victorian mahogany chest of drawers with one long drawer over three "hat" drawers over further drawers

310 A Victorian bow front mahogany chest of two short and three long drawers

311 An antique oak linen coffer with plain top and carved front

312 A Victorian pine linen box

313 An antique oak single door corner cupboard

314 An inlaid mahogany sideboard with brass rail back, shaped front with centre drawer and deeper drawers either side on square tapering legs

315 A yew wood Windsor armchair - for restoration and repair

316 A child's armchair - for restoration

317 A Victorian over-mantle mirror

318 An early 20th century oak cased heavily carved barometer and thermometer

319 A 20th century oak Welsh dresser with plate rack in two heights over drawers and cupboards

320 A figure of a fox

321 An oblong hall table having turned supports

322 A Victorian mahogany chiffonier

323 An antique painted pine chest of two short and three long drawers

324 A Victorian chest of two short and three long drawers

325 An antique mahogany fold-over tea table on square tapering legs

326 A small oak barley twist stick stand of semi-circular form

327 An oak cased wall clock

328 An antique mahogany bureau bookcase, the bookcase top with astral glazed doors and interior shelving, the bureau base with fall front revealing fitted interior over four long graduated drawers

329 An antique mahogany chest of three short drawers over three long drawers

330 An antique oak chest having two short drawers over three long drawers with brass drop handles

331 A Victorian mahogany fold-over tea table on single column support terminating in four feet

332 An oak drop-leaf dining table

333 A circular mahogany tripod table

334 A rush seat stool

335 A Country Made meat safe with mesh door

336 A Victorian pine kitchen table with scrub top on turned legs

337 A Victorian walnut Davenport

338 A small mahogany dressing table mirror having three drawers to base

339 A Victorian mahogany dressing table mirror having two drawers to base

340 A small Victorian mahogany dressing table mirror having two drawers to base

341 A late Victorian 8-day wall clock

342 A Victorian oval topped rosewood table on single column support terminating in four shaped feet

343 A Victorian brass and iron bedstead

344 A Victorian inlaid walnut oval topped table on quadruple column support

345 A square topped mahogany occasional table

346 A Victorian oval snap-top table on quadruple column support

347 A Victorian mahogany framed armchair with button back upholstered in green (see front page illustration)

348 A Victorian mahogany framed nursing chair with button back upholstered in red

349 An Edwardian envelope card table - see front page illustration

350 A late Victorian nursing chair with upholstered seat and part back

351 A late Victorian lady's chair with upholstered seat and part back

352 A walnut framed settee with open arms upholstered in striped material standing on ball and claw feet

353 A late Victorian pre-dieu chair

354 Five rush seat ladder back chairs

355 Three Victorian mahogany framed dining chairs

356 Two Victorian mahogany framed dining chairs

357 A walnut framed nursing chair - for re-upholstery

358 Four oak framed dining chairs with upholstered seats and part backs

359 A pair of camel back dining chairs with upholstered seats

360 A pair of dining chairs with upholstered seats

361 Five early Victorian mahogany framed dining chairs with roll twist back rail and sabre legs

362 A set of eight (two arm and six single) Queen Anne style dining chairs with upholstered seats

363 An early Victorian mahogany framed open armchair with upholstered seat, the legs terminating in brass castors

364 A small chaise longue with upholstered seat, arm and part back with roll



Tuesday prior 10.00 am - 4.00 pm

Wednesday prior 9.30 am - 6.00 pm

Morning of sale from 9.00 am


THURSDAY 2ND MAY 2019 AT 11.00A.M.



SATURDAY 22ND JUNE 2019 AT 10.00A.M.





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