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SATURDAY 23rd MARCH 2018 AT 10.00A.M.

1 A & A soft toys bear

2 Two dolls and two teddy bears

3 Two boxes containing dolls

4 A Waddingtons Monopoly game, a set of draughts, dominoes and other childrens games

5 A collection of remote control toys, a Ringtons ceramic money box and other toys

6 A Tonka toys mighty motorized excavator and a tractor with loader

7 The Farm World model tractor and other toys

8 A farm life farm tractor play set and a fly dreams jing jing game

9 A farm world tractor set, a teamsters car and caravan toy and an express coach toy

10 A Corgi toys carrimore car transporter and other toys

11 A Matchbox model of Yesteryear and further diecast models

12 A Keilkkraft hurricane war plane model

13 A Grain toy sewing machine

14 A mixed lot of dolls house furniture

15 An old teddy bear

16 A BBC Top Gear interactive DVD and book together with two Days Gone souvenir of London die cast model sets

17 A mixed collection of toys

18 Eight Corgi classic models - Racing cars

19 Three Corgi James Bond die cast models - Thunderball, Gold Finger and You Only Live Twice gyrocopter

20 A Days Gone four part Guiness collectors set

21 A Corgi Classics die cast model - Scammel Highwayman

22 A 1/24 special edition die cast model - Superior Lincoln limousine

23 Eight various farm tractor toys - boxed

24 A Chad Valley beetle game, a monopoly game and other childrens toys

25 A box containing soft toys, also a miniature piano

26 A box containing various cigarette cards and toy cards

27 Sixteen Days Gone die cast models - Promotional vehicles

28 A collection of promotional vehicles from the Cameo collection

29 A mixed lot of toys

30 Six Corgi - Eddie Stobart Limited die cast models and four Corgi Royal Mail die cast models

31 A mixed collection of die cast models

32 A DCM die cast metal model set - Classic Cars

33 Four die cast models - Shell motoring memories and four die cast models motoring memories - London

34 A mixed lot of Days Gone and other die cast models

35 An ARTIN 1/42 scale wireless radio control system

36 A collection of plastic farm and other animals also including gates

37 A Megga blocks vodaphone Maclaren Mercedes building set

38 A collection of plastic die cast models

39 A Scaletrix micro model set

40 A collection of Carrera racing lane changes 1/40 sets

41 A Scaletrix might metro set

42 A Scaletrix 1/32 scale slot racing World Grand Prix

43 A similar lot

44 A Dolls World peterkin doll and further loose dolls

45 A mixed collection of plastic figures, further line side fencing etc

46 Eight videos - The Forsyte Saga

47 M.Y soccer game - boxed

48 A Maisto die cast model - Jaguar XJ220 (1992)

49 A small model - The Jazz man

50 A mixed collection of childrens books including the Dandy Annual

51 A K.O. the heavy weight boxing game

52 An Ambush game - The blues and greys

53 A mixed collection of Meccano

54 A box containing a granary controls system and other controls

55 Six Corgi classics die cast models - all AEC 508 forward control 5 ton cab over vehicles

56 A collection of mini scene models, cars and other equipment

57 A small box containing mixed toys

58 A World of Beatrix Potter ludo game

59 A Little Betty debutante miniature sewing machine

60 A Little Betty senior sewing machine

61 An MZG model die cast model - JCB 520 telescopic handler

62 Three Britains autoway model sets No 9810 and 9843 x 2

63 A Dash saber ergonomic model set

64 A Keilkraft Edinborough standard tram plastic model kit and a helicopter kit

65 A Days Gone gift set GS1

66 A Revell easy kit - racing car

67 Seven Vanguards 1/43 die cast models - various

68 A Gate die cast metal 1/18 model VW beetle

69 Three polistil die cast models - Volvo 164E, Fiat 126 and Fiat 500

70 A Bburago die cast model - Fiat Uno Rally and four further die cast models

71 A mixed lot of costume dolls

72 A collection of N gauge line side buildings and equipment

73 Three Graham Farish boxes containing passenger coaches

74 A Days Gone Pickfords Die cast model, a Waddington jigsaw and a glorious team

75 A mixed lot of 12 promotional vehicles

76 A mixed lot of 14 promotional vehicles

77 A mixed lot of 16 promotional vehicles

78 A mixed lot of 15 promotional vehicles

79 A mixed lot of 28 promotional vehicles

80 A collection of various railway track and other model railway equipment

81 Seven various die cast models including Heartbeat and Last of the Summer Wine

82 Five Eddie Stobart Limited die cast models and seven various others

83 A box containing a Hornby railways R515 operating conveyor set, a R421 signal box and other model railway equipment

84 A box containing various toys including a Massey Harris tractor and a Massey Ferguson tractor

85 Nine various toys all articulated lorries

86 Four Days Gone track side die cast model sets and fourteen other die cast models

87 A mixed collection a Bayco building equipment

88 Seven various die cast models - three John Deere and further construction vehicles

89 A Majorette super movers die cast model and a further collection of Corgi die cast models various

90 A Corgi Eddie Stobart Limited truck set and seven further die cast models

91 Fifteen Corgi Classics and other die cast models - commercial vehicles

92 A Corgi die cast model set - Websters Brewery

93 A mixed lot of 12 die cast models including 3 Land Rovers

94 A mixed lot of toys

95 A Dinky toys Bedford lorry and nine further toys

96 A Dinky Toys car transporter, a dump truck, a Foden 8 wheel lorry and a Chipperfields Circus crane

97 Five Corgi Classics including Scammel Scarab, Bedford 0 articulated, Bedford Pantechnicon, ERF flat bed and AEC dropside

98 Ten various Dinky and other farm toys including three tractors, trailers etc

99 Two Corgi archive die cast models - ERF KD box lorry, Ford Thames Trader box van and two Corgi Classics - Bedford S Type tanker and Bedford sack truck

100 Four Corgi Classics die cast models - Foden tanker Guiness, Atkinson 8 wheel rigid, Foden delivery truck and Atkinson 8 wheel rigid with crates

101 Four Corgi die cast model sets - Limited Edition Bedford Pantechnicon, AEC fire engine and Burlingham seagull

102 Three Corgi Classics - Atkinson Elliptical tanker, Pickfords Thames Trader and Guiness diamond T 620 box van

103 Three die cast models all construction vehicles

104 Four Corgi Golden Oldies models - Bedford S Weetabix, Thames Trader Pints, Thames Trader Ever Ready and Bedford Ca Kodak

105 Four Corgi die cast models - Bedford Pantechnican, Bedford articulated truck, AEC dumper and Pickfords removal van

106 An old scrabble game and various jigsaws

107 A small suitcase containing albums - wild flowers and others

108 A Chad Valley green painted table top pin ball game

109 A remote control driving test a game of skill game, a skittle game

110 A mixed lot of toys

111 An Airfix 35 piece Waterloo British Artillery set and further toys

112 A dough moulding set together with further action men and other figures

113 A mixed lot of toys

114 A mixed lot of plastic railway track etc

115 A large box containing a large quantity of painted plastic military and other figures

116 A mixed lot of toys and games

117 A Tri-tactice game and others

118 A mixed lot of games

119 A Cludeo game and others

120 A Caston soccer game - Bobby Charlton

121 A Elf toys zoo

122 A toy farm yard with various buildings and plastic farm animals

123 A small wooden box containing a part clock golf set

124 A painted wooden fort with figures

125 Two boxes containing mixed toys

126 A red plastic trailer and a small baby walker

127 A wooden roll along game and a Britains box

128 Two boxes containing wooden building blocks

129 A mixed lot of soft toys

130 A mixed lot of toys

131 A Matchbox superfast collectors case and a mixed lot of toys

132 A wooden box containing miscellaneous toys

133 Three boxed figures from the Romano collection and further childrens books

134 A Teamster tractor transporter and further toys

135 A scrabble game, a bingo game and further toys

136 A mixed lot of toys

137 A mixed lot of toys

138 A painted wooden farm yard with buildings, animals and machinery

139 Fourteen various die cast cars

140 Two Star Wars refill canisters and further toys

141 A collection of Beano annuals and comics

142 A collection of Dandy and other books

143 A Pedigree dolls "Sindy" promotional record and a doll

144 A collection of "Diana for Girls" books and others

145 A small toy dolls house containing toy bears

146 A Triang toys dolls house

147 A mixed lot of toys

148 A collection of Action Man toys

149 A soft toy monkey

150 A collection of toy tallboys holsters and guns

151 "The Little Scientist Microscope set", a small collection of Britains figures code wheels etc

152 Five various Victory wood jigsaw puzzles and other toys

153 A collection of old glass marbles

154 A Trivial Pursuit game, an earth invaders game and other toys including dominoes

155 Three Fisher Price toys all boxed including Explorer, Camper and Drum set

156 A collection of Fisher Price toys including crane, excavator, cement mixer etc

157 A Meccano space 2501 construction set

158 A mixed collection of childrens jigsaws

159 A Mr Men 20pc extra large wooden floor puzzle, further Mr Men puzzles and others

160 A childs telescope, a Waddingtons sorry game and others

161 Two Santa Claus dolls

162 A mixed lot of dolls

163 A Vulcan Classic childs sewing machine

164 Four Casdon Childs kitchen appliances including food mixes, dish washer, washing machine and kitchen unit

165 A toy teddy bear, a soft toy and a toy doll together with a further box of soft toys

166 Two boxes containing plastic zoo and other animals

167 A 5 piece Cadburys collection die cast model set and others

168 A Lego technic 8235 model and a Meccano build and play

169 A mixed lot of toys

170 A mixed lot of plastic figures

171 A Noddy toy and further soft toys including jigsaws

172 A mixed lot of toys

173 A mixed lot of farm and other toys

174 A mixed lot of toys including Snoopy figures

175 A mixed lot of glove puppets

176 A Spear's garden bird lotto game and others

177 A set of hardwood draughts, a draught board and scrabble game and others

178 A collection of Action Men figures and further dolls

179 A mixed lot of figures

180 A Monopoly game, a Cludo game and others

181 An Ideal "Suntan Tuesday Tailor" doll and others

182 Two boxes containing soft teddy bears

183 A mixed lot of childrens games

184 A mixed lot of childrens puzzles and games

185 A small basket containing two old dolls

186 A green painted pinball gamend a hook the ring game

187 A Kader road racing game and four boxes containing Scalextric track and equipment

188 Four volumes by Enid Blyton and other childrens books

189 A painted two storey doll house

190 A painted two storey dolls house

191 A Michael Owen total action football game

192 A box containing mixed dolls and a weaving loom

193 One volume entitled "Complete Guide to model trains by Michael Andrews" and further books referring to the railway

194 Two boxes containing dolls

195 One volume entitled "Soviet Military Power" by William Koenig and Peter Schofield and further volumes referring to railways

196 A small collection of books

197 One volume "150 years of British Steam" and further books referring to steam and railways

198 An 'L' Bros Ltd toy mangle together with a dolls bath and metal stand

199 A Sunny Jim soft toy, further soft toys and others

200 One volume "Railways of the World by Brian Hollingsworth" and further volumes of aircraft etc

201 One volume "Russia at War 1941 - 1945" and further volumes on aviation and the Second World War

202 One volume The World of Model Trains by P Whitehouse and A Levy and further volumes on model railways, trains etc

203 A collection of books and magazines refering to the early years of Buses and Coaches

204 One volume entitled Hornby Dublo train by Michael Foster and seven further volumes referring to Hornby and Triang trains

205 A large collection of soft toys

206 A rocking horse on wooden stand

207 Two micro Scaletrix sets - Pro Driver and Slot racing set

208 Two Scaletrix sets - micro Scaletrix and the Simpsons

209 A mixed lot of toys

210 A small doll in natural costume and further toys

211 A Waddingtons Totopoly game, a Scrabble game and Monopoly and others

212 A box containing miscellaneous toys

213 A painted model of an RAF Phantom

214 A collection of famous flights stoneware mugs

215 A blue box containing a large quantity of plastic model aeroplanes

216 A box containing painted plastic figures

217 A miscellaneous collection of dolls

218 Three painted model aircraft

219 A collection of painted plastic model aircraft

220 A similar lot

221 A large painted plastic model aircraft "Magnoli Militia" and two die cast models of aircraft

222 Seven painted plastic model aircraft - USA marines and others

223 Two painted plastic model space ships and further painted plastic airplanes

224 A painted plastic model of an aeroplane with a further collection of rockets

225 A painted collection of space ships, aircraft and an airship

226 A painted plastic model aircraft - US Navy

227 Two painted plastic model aircraft and further smaller painted aircraft

228 A Mamod TE1A steam traction model

229 A childs microscope lab 4

230 A Matchbox motorway game and others

231 A mixed lot of childrens games

232 A Days Gone premier collection two part model set and further promotional vehicles - some boxed

233 Thirty two Days Gone die cast models

234 Two exclusive First Editions 1/76 scale model double decker buses and four further models including three buses and a Citroen van

235 A mixed lot of childrens books

236 A box containing various Childrens games and toys

237 A Lima models 00 gauge class 52 Western Enterprise - boxed

238 A collection of Triang/Hornby 00 gauge locos, coach, rolling stock and track

239 A Triang railways R81 station set

240 Two Dinky toys Massey Harris tractors, a Corgi toys Massey Ferguson tractor, a farm cart and other toys

241 A Corgi toys Massey Ferguson combine harvester, a Massey Ferguson tractor and other toys

242 A Hornby 00 No 5083 terminal or through station composite kit - boxed together with further roof lights and supports

243 A mixed lot of Dinky and other toys

244 A collection of Mamod steam railway equipment comprising passenger coach, log wagon, track etc

245 A spirit fired steam engine

246 A Dolls china head - AM Germany 351.8K

247 A Mamod T.E.1A steam traction engine

248 A Hornby R2660M set - The Norfolk Man train pack

249 A Lesley Matchbox series No 17 8 wheel tipper - Hoveringham and three further Hoveringham 8 wheeler lorries

250 Two Dinky toys Foden 8 wheel flat lorries

251 Four Dinky toys lorries, a car transporter and other toys

252 A Hornby railways electric train set - boxed

253 A Hornby R2975 Britannia loco. black. limited edition

254 A Hornby R2511 class 156 train pack, central trains

255 A Bachmann 32 -465 class 170 DMU train pack, cross country trains. 3 car unit

256 A Bachmann 32-451A Class 170 DMU train pack central trains

257 A Bachmann 31-504 Class 158 DMU train pack central trains



Friday prior 2.00 pm - 5.00 pm

Morning of sale from 8.30 am









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