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1 A quantity of Titian tea and dinner ware with floral decoration on a cream ground

2 A large heavy glass bowl on stand

3 A heavy glass water jug

4 A red glass fruit bowl

5 Three stone china dinner plates and five side plates with red and blue decoration on a white ground

6 12 china side plates with centre decoration within a green border

7 A quantity of eggshell china tea ware

8 A large quantity of Minton Tapestry dinner, tea and coffee ware

9 A quantity of Colclough Bouquet china tea ware

10 A Carlton china tank bank - Blackpool

11 A large magnifying glass with a turned wooden handle

12 Two copper saucepan lids with iron handles bearing initial B by Jones Bros.

13 A Victorian copper kettle

14 A Mauchline ware stationery box, a moneybox and a jewellery box in the form of a bench

15 A brown Doulton jug "He That Buys Land Buys Stones", He That Buys Flesh Buys Bones, He That Buys Eggs Buys Many Shells and He That Buys Good Ale Buys Nothing Else" - A.F.

16 A Royal Copenhagen vase depicting a butcher in blue on a white ground

17 A white Shelley jelly mold and two further white molds

18 Two pint tankards with arbourial decoration

19 A small copper vase of triangular form

20 A small pair of Linthorpe vases

21 A Ringtons blue and white teapot by Maling

22 Six various green glass wines and a small green glass jug

23 Five various red glass wines, a red glass beaker, a red glass jug and a red glass custard

24 A Victorian fluted glass vase

25 Two glass light shades

26 Seven engraved glass liquers and further glass ware

27 A black papier mache tea tray

28 A Thermos flask within an old leather case

29 A quantity of Royal Albert "Old Country Roses" china tea ware

30 A quantity of Colclough china tea ware

31 A quantity of Royal Crown Derby china tea ware with floral decoration on a white ground

32 A copper tea urn with brass tap and handles

33 An Art Nouveau brass watering can

34 A Victorian brass bell with a turned wooden handle

35 Two wooden coat hangers with brass hooks

36 A copper decanter coaster

37 An Art Nouveau letter box/knocker

38 A Spelter figure of a lion

39 A large lidded copper tankard "York"

40 An Art Nouveau copper tray of square form

41 A pair of oak candlesticks

42 A bobbin turned Crucifix

43 Two Victorian leathers containing horse brasses

44 A fruit wood truncheon

45 A small Solitaire board, a parasol handle and a page turner

46 A silver plated warming cup with leather case

47 A red leather jewellery box - Boots

48 A double photograph frame

49 Two coloured glass paperweights

50 A small Georgian tea caddy

51 A beech wood plane

52 A mahogany cased mantle clock with enamel face

53 A Wedgwood biscuit barrel with silver plated mounts

54 A Victorian pedestal glass sweet stand

55 Two brass candlesticks

56 A copper jug and a tankard

57 Three stone ware jugs

58 Two shells

59 Two decorative Imari wall plates

60 A large Poole Pottery charger with blue and orange decoration on a red ground

61 A small quantity of Wedgwood Cornucopia china

62 Two small Carnival glass bowls

63 A pair of Royal Guelph vases

64 A decorative glass vase

65 A lady's parasol, a fur stole and other items

66 A Royal Crown Derby side plate

67 A pewter Quaich and a lidded pewter container

68 A black top hat

69 Three volumes entitled "Our Own Country"

70 Three cigarette card albums

71 A red Wills cigarette card album and five further albums

72 One volume "Funk and Wagnalls Practical Standard Dictionary"

73 A green stamp album

74 An early 20th century picture postcard album

75 A large copper samovar with brass handles and tap

76 A pair of brass and steel fire tongs together with a brass "owl" bell and a metal figure of a seahorse

77 A Beswick figure of a Charolais bull on an oval wooden plinth

78 A silver plated biscuit barrel with lion mask handles

79 A Royal Worcester vase with floral decoration on a cream ground. A.F.

80 A blue and white Wedgwood clock case

81 A large cranberry glass vase

82 A pair of brass candlesticks

83 A Lladro figure of a girl carrying a basket with a dog by her side

84 A tall Maling vase with floral decoration on a white ground

85 A Maling vase of oval form

86 A Burleigh ware toby jug

87 A character jug

88 A black painted metal figure of a boy carrying books

89 A pewter measure, a pewter mustard and further metal candlesticks

90 A simulated black marble effect mantle clock

91 A French painted metal cased mantle clock having circular Roman Numeral dial and a figure of a huntsman by its side

92 A quantity of Paragon "Athena" dinner ware with gilt border decoration on a white ground

93 Seven blue and white soup plates, a further blue and white plate and a muffin dish

94 Five china coffee cans and saucers, a blue and white teacup and saucer and three further pieces of china

95 A framed oval silhouette of a Victorian lady

96 Two glass decanters with stoppers

97 A china sandwich set and three further pieces of Paragon china

98 A quantity of Indian Tree china

99 A small quantity of late Victorian dinner ware comprising tureen, oval plates etc.

100 A glass decanter with stopper and two further pieces of glass ware

101 A Victorian copper kettle

102 A Box Brownie camera

103 A quantity of Shelley china tea ware with ears of corn decoration on a white ground

104 A quantity of china tea ware with floral decoration on a white ground

105 A quantity of Royal Crown Derby and other china tea ware with blue, orange and gilt decoration on a white ground

106 A ship's glass decanter with stopper

107 A Mason's bowl and plate and further china

108 A hanging brass paraffin light fitment

109 A black painted box depicting eastern scenes

110 An oval framed brass bevel plate glass mirror on adjustable stand

111 A silver plated lamp converted for electricity

112 A cranberry glass lamp base

113 A brass desk lamp

114 A brass desk lamp

115 A brass desk lamp with green glass shade

116 Two brass barley twist table light bases and two others

117 A Noritake coffee service

118 A quantity of china dinner ware with red and black decoration on a white ground

119 An oblong Beswick bowl decorated with shells

120 A small brass miner's lamp and a knife

121 A Royal Copenhagen blue and white vase and a leaf pattern dish

122 A green marble effect cigarette box, a cigarette lighter and a desk clock

123 A china coffee service with decoration on a red ground

124 A brass paraffin lamp with glass globe and chimney

125 A brass and white glass paraffin lamp with globe and chimney

126 A pair of decorative glass vases

127 A decorative white glass paraffin light shade

128 A green glass paraffin light shade

129 Two white "ribbed" paraffin light shades

130 A white glass hanging paraffin lamp shade

131 A smaller lot

132 A smaller lot

133 A metal figure of a cowboy on horseback catching a bull "Rodeo Rumble"

134 A pair of Stereor 12 x 35 binoculars with case

135 A pair of Lieberman and Gortz 10 x 52 binoculars with case

136 A Brownie 8mm Movie Camera II with leather case

137 A quantity of decorative china tea ware

138 A 2-compartment china hors d'oeuvre dish and a large oval china plate

139 A paraffin lamp with spiral twist brass column, green glass bowl and chimney

140 A paraffin lamp having Corinthian column, clear glass bowl and glass chimney

141 A paraffin lamp with Corinthian column and cranberry glass bowl

142 A pair of oval framed miniatures of a lady and gentleman

143 Four Davenport coffee cans and two saucers and further decorative china

144 A decorative china teapot and a milk jug

145 Two leaf pattern Royal Worcester dishes. A.F.

146 Four china dessert plates

147 A Royal Standard "Harry Wheatcroft" coffee service

148 A late Victorian Vaseline glass epergne with centre flute and two further flutes either side

149 A steel sword with brass handle

150 An American Army dagger

151 An Eastern incense burner

152 Five various glass decanters with stoppers

153 A paraffin lamp having silver plated Corinthian column, clear glass bowl, engraved glass shade and chimney

154 A paraffin lamp having brass Corinthian column, pink glass bowl, coloured and engraved glass shade and chimney

155 A small oblong mahogany box with interior tray

156 An oblong mahogany box

157 A decorative tribal hand spear and two wall ornaments

158 A metal figure of a girl holding a bird

159 A Copeland Parian bust of a young girl inscribed on the reverse "Owen. Hale. Sc. 1881"

160 A small Belleek china cream jug

161 A pair of silver plated fish servers and a small clip

162 A silver plated 4-piece tea service with circular galleried tray

163 A 3-compartment silver plated hors d'oeuvre dish and an oval silver plated tureen stand

164 Two silver bladed fruit knives with Mother of Pearl handles and other small items

165 A small Mexican silver box and a mixed collection of coins

166 A box containing glass rests and further silver teaspoons, a pusher, etc.

167 Three small bottles with silver mounts

168 A silver serviette ring, a small silver goblet and a matching silver plated serviette ring and goblet

169 An oblong silver cigarette box

170 A pair of silver plated chamber candlesticks with snuffers

171 A presentation case containing a carving set and a further case containing cake knives

172 A small oblong black painted box, a Sheaffer pencil and a mauve glass rule

173 A small brass telescope engraved "Webb Frances Street Tottenham Court Road London" with leather case

174 A larger brass telescope engraved "A. Galletti Liverpool" with leather case

175 A pair of silver plated fish servers

176 A silver serviette ring, a silver plated cigarette box and a silver plated butter dish

177 A double string cultured pearl necklace and a single string

178 A collection of cultured pearl necklaces and ear studs

179 A collection of pearl necklaces and costume jewellery

180 A Zenn cocktail watch head and other ladies watches

181 A gold fob watch

182 A continental silver brooch, a yellow metal brooch, an oval brooch and a pendant necklace

183 A yellow metal necklace

184 A collection of ear studs, brooches etc.

185 A 9ct gold padlock, a collection of gold and other cufflinks

186 A silver backed brush and further silver plated cutlery

187 A pair of cameo ear studs, further ear studs and two pendant necklaces

188 A lady's Rotary wristwatch and a metal bangle

189 Two pairs of ladies earrings, a brooch and further costume jewellery

190 A quantity of costume jewellery

191 A small silver plated bowl containing small brass insect figures

192 A small oblong box containing a chain metal purse and further costume jewellery

193 A pair of dwarf silver candlesticks

194 A presentation case containing six fish eaters and further cutlery

195 A silver plated gravy boat together with a silver plated jug

196 A small silver lantern

197 Four various ladies wristwatches

198 An eternity ring, two silver fobs and a crucifix necklace

199 A collection of costume jewellery

200 A triple string Lotus pearl necklace and further necklaces

201 Two silver plated cake slicers and further cutlery

202 Four boxes of Swarovski crystal glass jewellery

203 A collection of costume jewellery

204 A charm bracelet

205 A lady's dress ring, a mourning brooch and further costume jewellery including jet

206 A small oblong cased manicure set, a button hook and two beadwork purses

207 A pair of .925 gem set earrings and a .925 dress ring

208 A .925 dress ring set with a single red stone

209 A .925 lady's gem set bracelet - boxed

210 A continental silver buckle/bracelet - boxed

211 A Victorian oval "stag" brooch - boxed together with a large medallion and a coin spoon

212 An eastern silver bracelet set with figures

213 A double ended cranberry glass scent bottle

214 Four various ladies brooches

215 An oval cameo brooch

216 An Art Deco silver fish brooch

217 Two silver butter knives, silver spoons and a fork

218 A pair of grape scissors and two porcelain labels - Brandy and Dry Sherry

219 A pair of lady's earrings, a turquoise pendant and further costume jewellery

220 A circular silver plated galleried tray, a silver plated waiter and three further small items

221 A lady's crossover dress ring

222 10 Robertson musician figures and nine Robertston badges

223 A 9ct gold lady's half hoop eternity ring

224 A lady's dress ring marked 18ct

225 A lady's 9ct gold necklace

226 A lady's Central American bracelet

227 An amethyst ring

228 A gold cameo ring

229 A 14ct pink stone ring

230 An 8-stone sapphire ring

231 A large opal ring

232 A smoky quartz gold ring

233 A quantity of costume jewellery

234 A topaz and peridot gold ring

235 A gold ring set with five sapphires

236 A pair of yellow jade drop earrings

237 A pair of 9ct gold drop earrings

238 A gold 5-stone ring

239 A Swarovski solitaire

240 A gem set cluster ring

241 An opal and diamond cluster

242 A sapphire and diamond white gold ring

243 An 18ct ruby and diamond ring

244 A 14ct multi-gem set bracelet

245 A quantity of costume jewellery

246 A quantity of silver plated ware

247 A lady's gold fob watch

248 A lady's 5-stone dress ring

249 A continental silver brooch and a charm bracelet

250 A silver sugar basin

251 A silver hot water jug

252 A silver card case bearing initials L.W.J.C.

253 A silver card case

254 A small silver compact

255 A quantity of silver and other teaspoons

256 A small oval bonbon dish engraved Binny

257 A silver teapot and sugar bowl

258 A silver card case

259 A small circular silver sweet stand

260 A presentation case containing silver handled cake knives

261 A gent's Omega pocket watch

262 A presentation case containing a silver bowl and teaspoon

263 A presentation box containing a spoon and fork, together with a further box containing a pusher (all three items with "rabbit" handles)

264 A presentation case containing a silver teaspoon and fork

265 A silver cigarette case

266 A presentation case containing six silver coffee spoons

267 A presentation case containing six silver coffee spoons

268 A presentation case containing a 3-piece christening set

269 A presentation case containing six silver teaspoons

270 A silver sauceboat

271 A silver cream jug

272 Three glass containers with silver mounts

273 A silver plated ladle and further small items of silver and silver plate including a Mother of Pearl fruit knife

274 A small silver photograph frame - 1871-1921

275 A glass claret jug with silver mounts

276 A glass decanter with white metal collar and pourers and stopper

277 A glass sugar sifter with silver mounts

278 A glass scent bottle with silver collar

279 A square glass decanter with stopper and silver collar

280 A mixed collection of stamps

281 A white linen christening gown and further linen

282 An unframed black and white engraving of Worksop Manor, an unframed black and white engraving of Newark Castle Station and a further railway station

283 Four volumes containing issues of La Mode Illustree

284 A box containing a large quantity of ephemera referring to Coronations, Royal Weddings, Lincoln Imps - Specials and Salute to Scampton

285 A gilt frame containing a watercolour by John Botherfield of a rocky path

286 Four gilt framed pictures including landscapes

287 An oak frame containing a river landscape

288 A frame containing a coloured print of a sailing vessel in a stormy sea

289 A small collection of unframed coloured prints referring to insects

290 A small collection of unframed coloured prints - Wildlife

291 A collection of unframed coloured prints - Wildlife

292 A small oak frame containing a drawing - Exchequer Gate, Lincoln

293 A frame containing a coloured print - Rufford Park 1836

294 A gilt frame containing an oil painting of a windmill in a river landscape

295 A frame containing a black and white print - Major General The Earl of Cardigan

296 A small gilt framed coloured print of a girl

297 A frame containing a Limited Edition signed coloured print of a still life

298 A framed coloured print of an estuary scene

299 A frame containing a Limited Edition print by Pollyanna Pickering - Silent as the Snow

300 Two Hogarth framed coloured print, one of a boy the other a girl

301 A frame containing a coloured print of a girl on a seashore and two further frames

302 Two large gilt framed needlework pictures of storks

303 Two large oak framed needlework pictures, one depicting a swan the other a peacock

304 A pair of oak frames containing black and white prints depicting children

305 A pair of framed coloured prints - mountainous landscapes

306 A frame containing a study of a sailing vessel at sea

307 A gilt framed oval wall mirror

308 A gilt frame containing a still life study of fruit and flowers

309 A gilt frame containing a watercolour of a harvest scene

310 Two Hogarth framed coloured engravings "The First of September Morning" and "The First of September Evening"

311 A mixed collection of unframed prints etc.

312 A brass hanging paraffin lamp fitment

313 An early 20th century carved oak banjo barometer and thermometer

314 An early 20th century carved oak aneroid barometer and thermometer

315 A small bow front corner cupboard having glazed door advertising Fry's Milk Chocolate

316 An antique circular topped tripod table

317 An antique mahogany fold-over card table on square tapering legs

318 A Victorian rosewood teapoy

319 A large black painted papier mache tea tray

320 A mahogany fold-over card table with Serpentine front and shaped supports

321 A record album containing His Master's Voice records

322 A small wooden record case - HMV His Master's Voice

323 A Victorian mahogany drop-leaf dining table with extra leaf

324 A small glazed wall cabinet advertising Singer Sewing Machines, Singer Cottons, Needles, Bobbins and Threads

325 A hardwood travelling trunk with metal corners

326 An antique oak chest of two short and three long graduated drawers

327 A Victorian rosewood cased musical box having six bells and eight airs - Fabrique De Geneve

328 An antique semi-circular mahogany table

329 A Victorian bow front mahogany chest of four long graduated drawers

330 An oblong rosewood side table having one long drawer

331 An antique mahogany chest of three short drawers over three long graduated drawers

332 An antique oak linen coffer having 3-panel top and carved 3-panel front

333 A Victorian mahogany pedestal sideboard having small shaped back, three drawers to top and single door cupboards to either pedestal

334 A Victorian mahogany tripod table

335 An Edwardian inlaid mahogany occasional table

336 An early 20th century oak cased 8-day wall clock

337 An early 20th century oak cased 8-day wall clock

338 A Chippendale style mahogany fretwork wall mirror

339 A Victorian rosewood card table with fold-over top on single pedestal support

340 A stripped pine kitchen dresser with plate rack over drawers and cupboards

341 A Victorian oval topped mahogany extending dining table

342 An antique mahogany secretaire bookcase, the Astral glazed bookcase top revealing interior shelving, the secretaire drawer having fitted interior over three long drawers

343 The "Hall-mark" architects drawing table with adjustable top on heavy cast iron supports

344 An antique bow front mahogany double door corner cupboard

345 A part antique mahogany longcase clock with arch enamel painted dial by Thos. Humphreys Barnard Castle

346 A part antique oak longcase clock with brass arch dial by Joseph Gray Durham

347 A Victorian mahogany linen press having double door top over base having two short and two long drawers

348 A part antique inlaid mahogany longcase clock having painted arch enamel dial

349 A metal sundial on a blue painted metal standard

350 A Victorian oval walnut snap-top loo table on single column support terminating in four feet

351 An antique oak and mahogany longcase clock with painted arch enamel dial - for restoration

352 An oak dresser, the top having centre single door cupboard either side of shelves, the base having two centre drawers and single door cupboards either side standing on shaped supports

353 An antique mahogany fold-over tea table

354 A reproduction mahogany break front sideboard

355 An antique mahogany oval drop-leaf dining table on pad feet

356 A Victorian mahogany circular topped table on single column support

357 A Victorian mahogany mirror backed chiffonier with double doors to centre

358 A Victorian mahogany drop-leaf dining table on turned supports

359 A bamboo hall stand

360 A Victorian mahogany chest of two short and three long drawers

361 An antique oak linen coffer with plain top over carved 3-panel front

362 A Victorian mahogany kneehole desk with green inset leather top over three drawers and further drawers to either pedestal - for restoration

363 A metal cabinet with glazed lift up door advertising "Bullock and Reynolds Electric Sterilisation Comprehensive Sterile Unit - For All Operational Equipment S. Maw, Son, and Thompson"

364 An antique oak oval gateleg dining table

365 A black painted folding hardwood screen

366 An antique oak bow front corner cupboard with interior shelving

367 A late Victorian mahogany bookcase, the double door top revealing interior shelving, the base having double doors

368 A semi-circular oak hall table

369 A part antique oak longcase clock with square brass face with Roman Numerals by Thomas Buck "1742"

370 A part antique mahogany longcase clock having arch painted enamel dial by Humphreys Barnard Castle

371 A part antique oak and mahogany longcase clock

372 An antique oak single door corner cupboard

373 A mahogany corner cupboard with single Astral glazed door

374 A Victorian inlaid walnut Davenport

375 A grandfather clock movement having arch enamel dial

376 An oak oval drop-leaf gateleg dining table

377 A mahogany dining table comprising two D ends and centre leaf

378 A late Victorian extending mahogany dining table with extra leaf

379 An Edwardian occasional table with shaped top, undershelf and shaped supports

380 A Victorian mahogany extending dining table with extra leaf

381 An antique oak oval gateleg dining table

382 A Victorian nursing chair upholstered in pink

383 A Victorian walnut framed nursing chair upholstered in pink

384 A mahogany framed armchair with upholstered seat

385 A Victorian open armchair with upholstered seat, part arms and back on cabriole legs

386 An Edwardian inlaid mahogany armchair with upholstered seat, part arms and back in pink

387 An antique ash Windsor armchair having turned supports

388 An antique ash Windsor armchair on turned supports

389 An antique corner chair with upholstered seat

390 A Victorian open armchair with seat, part arms and button back upholstered in green

391 A pair of Edwardian inlaid mahogany bedroom chairs

392 Six mahogany framed chairs with upholstered seats

393 A single mahogany dining chair

394 Two inlaid Edwardian mahogany dining chairs

395 A set of four mahogany framed dining chairs with upholstered seats

396 A smoker's bow armchair having turned supports

397 A smoker's bow armchair having turned supports and pad arms

398 A pair of reproduction chaise longues having green upholstered seats, part ends and back

399 A reproduction wall clock with circular face and Roman Numerals, skeleton movement and brass pendulum within a cylindrical glass and mahogany case



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